• Russian Standard Vodka is an authentic, premium vodka, vying for share within an established and cluttered market.
  • Our mission was to gain traction within this arena, by connecting with a notoriously hard to reach, Millennial target audience.



Moving budget from the conventional TV route, in to OOH was the perfect way to reach our out and about / on the go audience. It would also allow us to stand out amongst the competitive clutter and gain valuable share of mind.



Use clever, “Route” mapping to identify the most relevant and hard working poster sites.

Hot-housing key cities would allow us to maximise our budget, whilst focussing in on “Drinking Villages” / transport links in to these social hubs allowed us to communicate with our target audience in a receptive mindset, when having fun was front of mind.



The multi-format approach provide both scale and manifold brand touchpoint opportunities, as well as a real “surround feel”. Cherry picked, high impact sites provided a beautiful backdrop for the iconic Russian Standard Vodka bottle shots and imagery, as well as complimenting the brand’s premium credentials.

The campaign was a great success, reaching over 80% of the target market, within their key regions and most importantly, shifting the dial on all key brand and sales metrics.

Russian Standard Vodka image 2

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