Working with influencers to raise awareness of a great tasting drink to be enjoyed on-the-go.


When Shaken Udder introduced their vegan milkshake Shaken Other, we were tasked with raising awareness of this dairy free shake amongst their core target audience. We needed to position Shaken Other as the perfect afternoon pick me up for people with demanding and dynamic on-the-go lifestyles. It was essential that we chose a route that would highlight the product’s USPs of taste, quality and made with natural ingredients.



To work with influencers who could tell our story and talk about the great taste in a credible way. The influencers were selected to represent the range of our audience’s passion points. They created content on the move to show how the product can be consumed – when you need a quick, satisfying, and tasty snack on-the-go. Taste cues were shown throughout the content.




The influencers really got behind the campaign and even created additional content. The follower reach of 570k exceeded the campaign goal. Similarly, the effective engagement rate of 13.6% was over 50% higher than the industry benchmark, indicating that the audience both loved the content and interacted with it a lot. Most importantly, there were lots of comments from fans, stating they love the taste!