Shaking up the category with little moments of joy.


Shaken Udder was developed by owners Andy and Jodie who saw an opportunity to sell delicious fresh milkshakes at festivals. They have grown the brand over the last 20 years, and it is now available in most supermarkets. However, the milkshake category is very competitive with Frijj, Yazoo and Chocomel all investing heavily. We needed to shake up the category to get people to choose Shaken Udder! Our biggest hurdle was awareness, so we needed to get more people to know about the brand. We also needed to resonate with our target audience to get them to remember us and purchase in store.


In stressful times we wanted to bring moments of joy to our audience. Watching their favourite TV shows is their ultimate pick me up so we partnered with ITV using their Backing Business initiative to make our investment work even harder. We bought airtime in their most loved and upbeat shows that brightened people’s day.
OOH reached people on the go, in proximity to stores, when they needed to add a bit of joy to their day and fancied a snack. A targeted, multi-layered digital campaign also extended the reach of the TV and engaged with shoppers. This included a partnership with Shopmium to drive trial, and the activity sold out within 2 days! Geo-targeted digital display was served to consumers at key snacking moments when they needed a pick me up.



Awareness increased by 20% while penetration grew by 40% - half a million extra households! Nielsen valued the campaign at +78% versus investment resulting in Shaken Udder’s SOV increasing from 3% to 25%, while Viewers Logic saw a 63% uplift in sales by those exposed to the TV activity.