Using the “alphabet of illiteracy” to galvanise a global call to arms.


757 million people cannot read this sentence. Illiteracy isn’t just about being unable to read a book. It shortens life expectancy, increases infant mortality and spreads disease. Illiterate people are at greater risk of STDs, addiction or FGM. Illiteracy is a core driver of many of the world’s problems, and yet for the vast majority, it’s not a problem which is on their radar.


By raising awareness of the multitude of issues stemming from illiteracy we could create a seismic difference: embolden economies and prevent millions of deaths. Context would be key. Focusing on audiences when they were reading or interacting with emotive content, to ensure receptivity and engagement. The “Alphabet of Illiteracy” film would promote awareness, educate, and drive audiences to a bespoke website and social-media hubs to engage.


Our tightly targeted video, social and influencer campaign promoted the manifold issues of illiteracy on a global level by reaching 462m people worldwide. It generated over 14,000 signatures, demonstrating support for the 757m illiterate people. Project Literacy joined the UNESCO Global Alliance for Illiteracy, elevating the cause to a global platform and delivering against the core campaign objectives – getting it on to people’s radar and making it relevant.