Moving Maldon Salt from the chef’s table to the kitchen table.


Maldon Salt was considered a chef's product used for special occasions and in fancy restaurants. As a result, their sales were suffering. Our challenge was to increase the frequency of purchase and make Maldon Salt part of the everyday rather than just to be used on occasion.


Working in partnership with Absolute Radio we created The Hometime Chip Shop Tour to visit the UK's top Fish & Chip shops and show how Maldon is used for everyday food. We used the drivetime slot for maximum relevance when dinner is top of mind. On-air competitions, social videos and involvement from the DJ's celebrity guests all helped to extend reach, conversation and visual cues.


The campaign secured two major awards at the prestigious UK Sponsorship Awards - Best Print, Radio & Film Sponsorship and Most Effective Use of a Smaller Budget. The sponsorship reached 4.7 million listeners and the social media delivered 1.4 million impressions together with a strong industry PR reach of 2 million. Sales increased by 87%, delivered a 1.7 ROI and increased brand consideration by 54%!