Understanding changing customer behaviour during COVID 19 to proactively drive revenue.


Halewood are a UK based producer of artisanal spirits and beers. They own and manage 11 distilleries, 1 craft brewery, 11 bars and 3 online businesses. In the wake of COVID 19 their business altered with the closure of the on trade and the move to increased home drinking. We needed to work with them in this changing landscape to maximise revenue.


During COVID-19 we saw a shift in the way people were shopping for alcohol, with increases in demand and a movement to online shopping. Together with their marketing team we proactively changed the focus towards a conversion-led strategy, with the goal of driving sales, by developing a full funnel e-commerce campaign for the dropstore.com.


By utilising key learnings from real-time dashboard monitoring, revenue and sales tracking, and search trend analysis we were able to continuously optimise and refine the campaigns to maximize ROI and deliver exceptional business results. The campaign delivered a conversion rate of 6.23% - three times the industry benchmark - leading to the average basket size increasing by 13% to £50.40. Overall sales were up an astonishing 2087%!