• Align 40+ markets behind Grant’s new positioning #IOU
  • Bring consistency to Grant’s global digital approach.
  • Drive 1 million views globally.
  • Ensure quality engagements amongst target group.



Whilst attitudes and behaviours can differ from market to market there are certain universal truths that unite our audience. Digital is the space where the target audience can easily and unashamedly share, and acknowledge people who have helped them achieve great things in their lives.



Developed a global approach tapping into the audience passions across various platforms. Created a Global toolkit to ensure consistency across markets, which was shared and presented at Global Conference in Prague. Set global objectives, benchmarks and success metrics, which we then oversaw across local markets.



  • Consistency of communication.
  • 30 million views and still counting.
  • Work has been used as Facebook best practice.
  • Cost per video view 233% cheaper than benchmark.
  • Completion rates of +75%.
  • +21% vs. benchmark view through rates.
  • Click through rate +130% vs. benchmarks.



"Village Communication’s were instrumental to the global success of the latest Grant’s Stand Together chapter, #IOU. Grant’s mission to embrace digital-first thinking meant we needed Village’s help to provide our markets with expert guidance on strategic media planning, tactical launch plans and practical know-how. This resulted in the first ever globally coordinated consumer digital launch for the brand with over 40 markets coming on board overall. It was a terrific success with over 1 million views secured in the first week, and currently standing at over 30 million views. I look forward to working with the team again in the future."

Muiris Ó Riada, Head of Regional Marketing William Grant & Sons

Grants Whisky IOU video campaign photo

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