Press Story of the Week

Time Out Group, known for its radical journalism and liberal viewpoint, has announced it will be stopping publication of its London print magazine in June 2022 after 54 years in a bold move to prioritise its digital presence following the aftermath of the pandemic. They recorded a significant 62% growth in digital advertising during a six month period in 2020. ‘’We’re currently seeing the most exciting growth, engagement and innovation on our digital channels. That's why we're making the bold move to a digital-first model based on robust consumer insights, which is an exciting plan to keep Time Out relevant and thriving for years to come.” Chris Ohlund, Chief Executive of Time Out.

Social Media Story of the Week

Elon Musk makes a surprise offer of $40 billion to buy the entirety of twitter. Musk believes the company’s management needs vast improvement and the only way to undergo changes is to purchase and carry them out himself. following his recent purchase of 10% of the company, making him its current biggest shareholder. He has said that he wants to buy the company to protect ‘’free speech’’ and unlock what he said is the ‘’extraordinary potential’’ of the social network.

Alcohol Story of the Week

Premium Vodka brand, Vodka Zelensky, has launched in the UK pledging to donate 100% of profits until 2026 and £5 per bottle to Ukranian humanitarian aid organisations. Anastasiia Rosinina, a fashion designer and refugee who fled Kyiv in March, has created the brand. Rosinina assisted the design of the label, in blue and yellow representing the Ukranian flag, it also features the silhouette of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Vodka Zelensky is available to purchase now online through the brands website and will soon also be available in selected stores.

Podcast Story of the Week

Podcast listeners want bespoke adverts tailored to them and their interests. A study across the UK, US and Sweden showed when considering ad likeability, 60% of listeners favoured the 3D podcast ads. Differing from a normal ad, the 3D ad creates an immersive sound to give its listener a sense of the desired mimicked environment. In comparison to the 47% liking traditional radio ads, this research overwhelmingly shows that listeners are craving a more creative and contextual experience from their favourite brands and podcasts.

Well-being Story of the Week

Maltesers set out to sooth frazzled Easter nerves with tasty ASMR videos. Inspired by research which found 20% find Easter to be the most stressful holiday. Their aim is chart the highs and lows of motherhood and to give a relaxing twist on Easter baking through a series of bite-sized videos found via the Maltesers YouTube channel. ‘’Breathe in, breathe out, as I guide you through a stress-free and utterly delicious series of mouth-watering mediative videos.’’