VOD Story of the Week

Netflix has revealed a staggering drop in subscribers, losing 200,000 in their first quarter. Netflix Chief Executive Reed Hastings revealed the company would consider alternative business models, not ruling out the possibility of lower-cost subscription tiers featuring content supported by advertising. Multiple factors can be contributed to the decline, including: the company pulling out of Russia, clampdowns on password sharing and increase in competition. 


Industry Story of the Week

Ogilvy recently announced that they will no longer work with influencers who edit their bodies or faces for ads. The policy comes as the UK government reviews the ‘Digitally Altered Body Image Bill’, which would require an influencer to disclose edited content. The bill is on its second review in parliament but is struggling to make it through the proposal process. The ban applies to all parts of Ogilvy UK group, which counts the likes of Dove amongst its clients.


OOH Story of the Week

Holiday Expert brand On the Beach have used a billboard to poke fun at Magnum’s mocked OOH. The ice-cream brand was ridiculed for placing an ad in Manchester that read, ‘The only thing that can make lying on Piccadilly Gardens even better’. Locals mocked the ad on social media as the gardens are notorious for high rates of crime and anti-social behaviour. On the Beach responded by placing a digi van below which read ‘Even better than lying on Piccadilly Gardens’ with a picture of a man laying on a lilo in the sun.


Digital Story of the Week

UK consumers highly value hyper-personalisation according to new research from eConsultancy and Cheetah Digital. The 2022 Digital Consumer Trends report revealed that personalisation yields greater return on investment (ROI) and assists long-term consumer excitement. The data also suggests they reward brands that make personalisation a priority, with more than half of respondents saying they will trade personal and preference data in order to feel part of a brand's community.


TV Story of the Week

ThinkBox have released their monthly TV viewing report for March 2022. New advertisers to TV this month included Hermes’ rebrand ‘Evri’; ‘Here we Flo’ eco-friendly sanitary products and Nairn’s oat-based products. This month adults watched an average of 1 hour and 59 minutes of commercial linear TV each day, down slightly from February’s average of 2 hours and 5 minutes a day.