Partnership Story of the Week

Channel 4 and Heinz have teamed up to present a comedy cooking show. The series will run alongside a new advert for the brand. The partnership is set to include a five-part series across Channel 4’s Comedy YouTube, social media channels and All 4. The partnership launches this week and viewers can expect to see various comedians and a talking microwave.  

Activation Story of the Week

Italian fashion brand Bottega Veneta have produced a digital installation on the Great Wall of China. The activation saw a large digital screen laid across a section of the landmark which broadcasted the message ‘Happy New Year’ in Mandarin, followed by ‘Bottega Veneta’ in English. The installation was live from the 6th to the 12th of January and went viral on social media.  

OOH Story of the Week

Media partner Kinetic have released their 2022 Year Ahead report which dives into upcoming trends and opportunities within the OOH market. Key topics include the growth of Augmented Reality (AR), alongside QR activations which combine OOH with new mobile technology. The review also looks at the rise of creative special build activations, which grab audience attention both at the site and later go on to be shared online via social media platforms.  

Digital Story of the Week

Facebook and Instagram owner Meta saw their case dismissal for antitrust lawsuit rejected this week. For those not in the know, back in August the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed an antitrust case against Facebook which Meta asked to be dismissed. A federal judge has since rejected the request meaning the lawsuit can go ahead. The FTC are claiming Facebook went on an ‘anticompetitive shopping spree’ and illegally acquired Instagram and WhatsApp to ‘maintain its monopoly.’ The case is set to proceed following on from this dismissal.  

Experiential Story of the Week

The UK’s first alcohol-free off licence has opened on Regents Street in Central London and will stay open to the end of January as many people ditch the booze as part of ‘Dry January’. Mindful Drinking Festival, who are running the pop-up, teamed up with over 60 low-ABV and non-alcoholic brands to provide consumers with a one-stop shop for their alcohol-free purchases. The store contains a variety of products, from alcohol-free spirits, to wines, fizzes, and beers.