Marketing Trends Story of the Week

This week in marketing, personalisation and AI are dominating trends. According to a recent report, 91% of shoppers prefer brands that offer personalised experiences, and companies investing in advanced personalisation see a 2000% ROI. Meanwhile, AI's role in marketing continues to grow, with 88% of marketers planning to maintain or increase their AI investments in 2024. These advancements are reshaping how brands engage with their audiences, making marketing more efficient and impactful​.

Marketing Collaboration Story of the Week

Coca-Cola and Absolut have joined forces to create a ready-to-drink (RTD) campaign aimed at resolving the "tension" faced by Gen Z and millennials. The campaign leverages unique creative approaches to appeal to these demographics, emphasising convenience and modernity. This innovative partnership aims to boost the RTD segment by aligning with the evolving preferences of younger consumers, showcasing the brands' commitment to staying relevant and engaging in the competitive UK drinks market​.

Social Media Story of the Week

Instagram is testing unskippable video ads in users' main feeds, halting scrolling until the ad timer runs out. This bold move aims to boost ad exposure and timed placement for brands. While it promises higher visibility for advertisers, users aren't thrilled about the disruption. With feeds now filled with AI-recommended content, Instagram sees a lucrative ad opportunity, though the potential user backlash makes it a risky gamble for Meta.

Industry News Story of the Week

In a bid to reverse substantial losses, London’s Evening Standard will shift from daily to weekly editions. This change, driven by reduced commuter numbers and evolving consumer habits, aims to maintain the publication's presence in a digital era. The revamped weekly edition will feature in-depth analysis, lifestyle, sports, and culture content. The transition mirrors the successful shift of its sister title, The Independent, to digital in 2016.