Advertising Perception Story of the Week

For the first time in a decade, advertising is no longer the UK’s least trusted industry, reveals the Advertising Association. Trust in advertising has risen to 30%, up 7% from 2022. The government and media are unsurprisingly now rank lowest. Younger audiences (50%) trust ads more than over-55s (22%)- with younger people being four times more likely to trust online ads compared to those over 55. The "Value of Trust" report highlights that trust boosts brand effectiveness and profits. The Advertising Standards Authority's campaigns doubled confidence in ads, signalling brighter prospects for the industry.

Campaign Story of the Week

Ikea is pioneering a fresh media strategy by launching a virtual store in Roblox as part of its 'Careers Done Different' campaign. Starting June 24, players can apply for real paid positions in-game, exploring Ikea's career opportunities in an engaging, interactive environment. This strategy targets younger audiences and demonstrates flexible career progression, offering brand owners a creative example of using popular platforms to attract and recruit talent.

Social Media Story of the Week

YouTube has begun live testing its new 'Dream Screen' feature, allowing selected users to generate custom video backgrounds for Shorts using text prompts. Type in ideas like "enchanted rainbow flower forest" to bring your vision to life. Currently limited to a small group, YouTube plans to expand access later this year. This innovative tool promises to enhance creativity and engagement among Shorts creators, marking a key growth area for the platform.

Influencer Marketing Story of the Week

Sky's year-long influencer campaign for its Sky Glass TV launch generated immense hype, doubling reach benchmarks to 48 million. Collaborating with 200 influencers, Sky created a “thunderclap moment” on social media. Influencers teased followers, leading to 182 simultaneous Instagram reveals. Tech reviews and detailed product showcases followed. Post-launch content drove 300,000 clicks to and earned 1.7 million likes and comments, with a 10% engagement rate. Sky captured an 85% competitor share of voice, winning the Marketing Week Award for Best Use of Influencers. 

Drinks Story of the Week

London's premium delivery service, Zapp, has added rare wines like Romanée-Conti, Pétrus, and Domaine Armand Rousseau to its range, priced between £3,000 and £5,500. Customers can enjoy these luxurious vintages within 20-30 minutes of ordering. Founded in 2020, Zapp offers an on-demand retail experience, focusing on ready-to-drink, exceptional wines, and catering to a wealthy clientele who crave convenience and quality.

Foodie Story of the Week

Tony’s Chocolonely, renowned for its organic and earned media approach, has now embraced paid media to "turbocharge" its mission to eradicate slavery in the chocolate supply chain. Impatient with the pace of organic growth, the brand aims to expand its reach significantly. Head of marketing Nicola Matthews highlights the shift from high-quality, small-scale interactions to potentially reaching 15 million people through paid media, amplifying their message and mission.

Property Story of the Week

Since 2021, McCarthy Stone has utilised Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) to create nine retirement communities, with a tenth on the way. These eco-friendly, offsite-built properties save time and costs while enhancing quality. Their collaboration with Remagin demonstrates the efficiency and sustainability of MMC. With 40 more communities under construction, McCarthy Stone is leading the charge in modern, greener housing solutions for retirees, proving MMC's potential in tackling housing challenges.