Consumer Loyalty Story of the Week

Research from Nielsen reveals that 65% of LGBTQ+ consumers expect brands to back their causes consistently. Stacie de Armas of Nielsen warns against "rainbow-washing" by limiting support to Pride month. Brands are advised to engage authentically year-round, creating inclusive policies and content. Megan Townsend of GLAAD stresses the importance of ongoing support to avoid getting lost in the June advertising wave. Consistent advocacy can help brands build lasting loyalty with LGBTQ+ consumers.

Digital Marketing Story of the Week

Amazon has launched Ad Relevance, a new cookie-free ad-targeting solution, at the Cannes Lions Festival. Leveraging AI, Ad Relevance analyses billions of data points from Amazon's browsing, shopping, and streaming platforms to match ads with real-time consumer behaviour. Tested on Amazon’s existing ad products, the tool promises to enhance addressability and lower CPMs by up to 34%. This innovation comes as the industry moves away from third-party cookies, with Amazon's ad revenue soaring to $11.82 billion in Q1 2024.

Brand Strategy Story of the Week

E.l.f. Cosmetics has launched an adventurous new campaign, "Peculiar Behavior," featuring British actress Jameela Jamil as an anthropologist studying fan frenzy over the brand’s new Bronzing Drops. Debuting June 10, the Animal Planet-style ad underscores E.l.f.'s shift towards entertainment-led marketing. Chief Brand Officer Laurie Lam highlights the role of social listening in inspiring the campaign. The initiative aligns with E.l.f.’s strategy of expanding its digital and TV presence, following strong fiscal growth with net sales hitting $1.02 billion in 2024.

Social Media Story of the Week

Reddit has revamped its Conversation Ads to boost user engagement by introducing larger media and improved carousel displays with updated CTA buttons. Originally launched in 2021, these ads now feature prime placement within highly active comment threads, where 47% of Reddit screen views occur. Testing a seamless ad integration between comments, Reddit aims to enhance ad effectiveness. With 82 million daily active users, combining Feed and Conversation Ads can double action intent, offering advertisers a potent new tool.