Sponsorship story of the week

Women’s sport has entered a new era following the Lionesses historic 2-1 victory against Germany 31st July, cinching the Nation’s first ever Euro’s win in either the men’s or women’s game. The anticipation and success led to a record-breaking TV audience of 17.4 million, the volume gained backing from big sponsorship brand, Starling Bank who tweeted, ‘Record Breakers. History Makers. Champions’. The brand donated £28,000 to Sports Aid and grassroots teams across the UK to develop the pipeline of female footballing talent

Business story of the week

Just Eat raises their marketing spend by another £100m in the hopes of continuing their significantly successful ROI. They upped their marketing spend by 40% in the first 6 months of this year, 2022, which they reported to have been the reason of a 29% improvement to their adjusted EBITDA. They also increased their investment into the brand, with the launch and involvement of Katy Price, ‘Did somebody say’ campaign to up awareness and engagement.

TV story of the week

The creators behind ITV’s newest streaming service, ITVX, have the ambitious vision for the platform to be ‘way better than BBC iPlayer’. Their goal to attract previously untapped audience segments and digital advertisers is set to expand the platform significantly. Launching in November, ITVX has plans to own the space between traditional broadcasting and big tech advertisement to enhance the overall digital platform in competition with the well-funded American streamers.

Social media story of the week

A new development from Pinterest allowing publishers to view analytics from their mobile could be handy for marketers and business owners. You can now view in real time analytics whilst on the go. Although this update isn’t inclusive of data such as age and gender, it offers a well-rounded view of the performance of pins, whilst giving the opportunity to course correct easily whilst on the move.

Brand story of the week

Airbnb are ‘incredibly happy’ with brand spend as their bookings hit a record high in the first half of 2022, from a £284M spend in the first quarter they jumped to £315M investments. The company is poised to ‘modestly’ up their marketing investments even more during the second half of 2022, they’re preparing to plan for an expansion into new markets. They claim to currently be investing fully in marketing and aim to make big developments within the countries they are investing in.