TV story of the week

Britain's BBC will move its children's CBBC channel and culture-focused BBC 4 online and merge its global and national news channels in changes announced on Thursday. In a bid to save millions of pounds and make the broadcaster ‘digital first’. They plan to invest 60% of the millions saved in digital, including new programmes for its video on-demand iPlayer.


Diversity story of the week

Adidas have sponsored their first ever athlete with Down Syndrome. Chris Nikic is a triathlete, marathon runner and the first person with Down Syndrome to complete an Ironman triathlon. Referring to the medical term, Adidas used their sponsorship to create the Runner321 bib to ensure neurodivergent athletes like Nikic always have a place in sport. The short film titled, ‘Rebellious Optimist’ featuring Nikic, created by Adidas aims to increase visibility and acceptance within sport.


Digital story of the week

Meta aim to increase people’s connection to avatars through their newest form of advanced technology. They plan to create more humanly realistic digital avatars and steer away from their current cartoon features. Meta has big dreams for a metaverse future. One of their current aims is to get people engaging with digital items, like clothes and hairstyles along with other personal expressive elements to create a better alignment between themselves and their virtual identity.


Social Media story of the week

Snapchat, the social platform loved by more than 75% of 13–34-year-olds in over 20 countries, for its unique features allowing them to customise their content however they please are preparing for its new parental control feature. The design aims to give parents a piece of mind through accessing certain aspects of their teen’s activity through the new in-app Family Centre. They will be able to see who their children and friends are with and who they've chatted to as part of the new family feature


brand story of the week

Toblerone put emphasis on their unique style of shape in a new campaign to drive awareness. Having earned itself a reputation as a chocolate bar people either bought at the airport or discount shops, Covid gave Toblerone the punch it needed to reposition and relaunch the brand. As a brand lacking spontaneous awareness, Toblerone decided to take inspiration from its founder and the ‘iconic’ shape of its bar to create a fresh ‘brand expression’ that connects product, brand and experience. To celebrate their distinctive shape in their rebranding efforts, they have compared it to the ordinary standard chocolate shape.