Marketing Strategy Story of the week

The Economist revamps its marketing strategy to engage a younger demographic through a series of out-of-home ads featuring a tongue-in-cheek style. Ads displayed in prominent London locations include taglines like “For fact’s sake” and “Paint the town read”, reinforcing the new tagline, “Independent journalism for independent thinking”. The campaign aims to highlight The Economist as a trusted source amidst misinformation. It's part of a broader initiative to expand its reach, coinciding with new leadership appointments.

Digital Marketing Story of the week

The winners of the TikTok Ad Awards, celebrating UK brands and agencies excelling on the platform, reveal key strategies for success. Embracing TikTok's quirks, tapping into trends, and prioritising joyful expression are crucial. Lidl's 'Ode to Bakery' and Reese's campaigns exemplify this, driving engagement and exceeding targets. Authenticity and immersion in TikTok culture are emphasised, with creators playing a vital role. Understanding audience behaviour and staying agile are essential for effective TikTok marketing.

Consumer Trends Story of the week

Consumer spending on grocery promotions surged by £586 million in February compared to last year, a 4% increase, as revealed by Kantar data. Supermarkets intensify price competition, offering exclusive discounts to loyalty scheme members. Sainsbury’s and Iceland attracted more shoppers with tailored promotions, but Iceland's market share dipped slightly. Grocery price inflation eased to 5.3%, the lowest since March 2022, partly due to increased promotional efforts and price match initiatives against discounters like Aldi and Lidl.