Content Marketing Story of the Week

Mars Wrigley's clever move to stir debate over Bounty's potential removal from Celebrations tubs sparked global attention. Collaborating with Taylor Herring, they mobilised Bounty fans with 'No Bounty' tubs and a #BringBackBounty campaign, igniting discussions across media platforms. The strategy garnered 6,502 pieces of global coverage, 1,622 broadcast mentions, and an estimated 75 billion impressions, earning Mars Wrigley the 2023 Marketing Week Award for PR and Brand Storytelling.

Performance Marketing Story of the Week

Garden centre chain Dobbies achieved a 215% return on investment by revamping its segmentation strategy. Collaborating with the Go Inspire Group, Dobbies tailored offerings for each customer group based on purchase behaviour and seasonal trends. The multi-layered approach led to a 199% increase in incremental revenue, 17% more customer visits, and a 10% boost in average customer value. This initiative earned Dobbies the Marketing Week Award for Best Use of Segmentation.

TV Story of the Week

ITV plans to boost its marketing budget by £15 million in 2024 to fuel growth for its streaming service, ITVX. The move follows a successful year for ITVX, which saw a 26% increase in total streaming hours and a 19% rise in digital revenues to £490 million. The broadcaster aims to attract more users, particularly 25-to-54-year-old light viewers, with a focus on data capabilities and optimising marketing efforts. Despite a 2% revenue decline overall, ITV Studios saw a 4% revenue increase in 2023.