Brand Story of the Week

Coca-Cola unveils Coca-Cola K-Wave Zero Sugar, a fruity-flavoured soda inspired by K-pop culture, marking its 10th offering under the Creations platform. Targeting younger consumers, the limited-edition beverage aims to evoke the excitement of becoming a K-pop fan. Creations, launched in 2022, focuses on unique flavours and experiences to enhance Coca-Cola's appeal as a lifestyle brand. With K-pop's global popularity, the new launch seeks to engage fans worldwide, accompanied by interactive experiences curated by K-pop groups and industry figures.

Social Media Story of the Week

WhatsApp rolls out new text formatting features after testing with select users. The update, available on Android and iOS, includes numbered lists, block quotes, bold, and italics. These additions aim to enhance message clarity and context, addressing challenges like sarcasm misunderstanding in plain text. With private messaging's rising popularity, especially on WhatsApp in Western markets, the features offer potential benefits for business communication outreach. The update follows extensive testing and is now accessible to all users through the latest app version.

Influencer Marketing Story of the Week

A recent EU study reveals that 80% of social media influencers fail to disclose ads, damaging industry integrity. Disrupt agency emphasises the importance of compliance, stating that partnerships should adhere to regulations to avoid negative impacts on brands. While 97% of influencers post commercial content, only 20% indicate it as advertising, breaching EU and UK laws. However, agencies like Disrupt enforce disclosure rules to maintain authenticity and audience trust, emphasising the need for ethical influencer partnerships.