VOD Story of the Week

YouTube has surpassed 100 million subscribers for its Premium and Music services, marking a significant milestone eight years after their launch. Despite this achievement, only 5% of YouTube's 2 billion active users are paying subscribers. YouTube Premium offers ad-free viewing and includes YouTube Music. The subscription model aims to reduce reliance on ad revenue, with combined subscriptions generating $15 billion annually. However, platforms like YouTube still primarily depend on ad earnings despite efforts to boost subscription uptake.

Digital Marketing Story of the Week

The UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) may delay Google's plan to phase out third-party cookies over concerns regarding market dominance. While Google has made progress, the CMA highlights unresolved issues, including governance and potential market reinforcement. Industry voices stress the need for dialogue and solutions. Despite Google's compliance, significant regulatory concerns persist. The CMA's forthcoming report will further evaluate progress. Critics fear a shift in digital ad spend toward dominant platforms, posing challenges to ecosystem competitiveness.

Campaign Story of the Week

Spotify confronts Apple's app restrictions with a campaign named "Censored," shedding light on limitations hindering promotions within apps. The initiative aims to raise awareness of Apple's practices hindering deals and promotions in apps. The campaign highlights Spotify's offer for three months of free Premium tier. It unfolds in London with redacted billboards, advocating for fair digital markets. Spotify pushes for changes in both the UK and EU regulatory frameworks to address Apple's alleged anti-competitive behaviour.