Brand Marketing Story of the Week

Sprite are trying something new with the removal of labels from its bottles to enhance recyclability and reduce packaging materials. The see-through bottles with embossed logos will be tested in eight Tesco Express stores until March. Coca-Cola Europe's VP of Marketing, Javier Meza, believes the seemingly simple design change signifies a significant shift in marketing. The trial aims to assess consumer recognition while promoting sustainability. Similar initiatives have been undertaken by Coca-Cola in Asian markets and with the water brand Valser. Evian, owned by Danone, has also introduced label-free bottles in the past.

Ad Effectiveness Story of the Week

Just Eat dominates YouTube ad effectiveness, securing top position in The Works analysis for December. Kantar reports the brand's 'Did somebody say...' ad, featuring a Regency-era backdrop and contemporary music, captivates viewers, ranking in the top 15% for distinctiveness and top 16% for stopping power. Notably, 27% of viewers enjoyed it "a lot," surpassing the average of 17%. The ad's success is credited to its longevity, brand strength, and strategic use of music, contributing to Just Eat's differentiation in a competitive market.

TV Campaign Story of the Week

Sky Media has partnered with the UK Department for Education to create a TV campaign in the style of football transfer window news. The campaign, featuring Sky Sports presenter Mike Wedderburn, encourages professionals to "transfer your skills" to jobs in teaching. It showcases real-life professionals, such as engineering lecturer Rosa Wells, who have transitioned their skills to further education. The campaign runs on Sky Sports, Sky AdVance, digital video, and social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.