Social Media Story of the Week

Instagram is testing the addition of Notes to regular feed posts, aiming to capitalise on the popularity of this feature among younger users. The move includes 2-second looping videos within Notes, providing more engagement options. Notes, favoured by teen users, could offer additional context to feed posts, encouraging interaction. As Instagram competes with TikTok for younger audiences, integrating Notes is part of Meta's strategy to maintain engagement and connection with the younger generation.

Campaign Story of the Week

Cadbury's multichannel Christmas campaign in 2023, blending interactive outdoor posters, TV, social media, and experiential retail, generated a remarkable £230 million in revenue and a 5.3% sales increase. Overcoming challenges such as price hikes and post-pandemic demand slowdown, the campaign, centred around the 'Cadbury’s Secret Santa Postal Service,' utilised 280 interactive posters with QR codes and a TV ad featuring a postman character named Jeff. The integrated approach led to a 96% retail sell-through, marking Cadbury's largest market share growth in three years and earning Mondelēz the 2023 Marketing Week Award for Multichannel Marketing.

Brand Development Story of the Week

Peloton expands its Gen Z outreach by partnering with TikTok to create a co-branded content hub, featuring custom fitness content in a dedicated #TikTokFitness Powered by Peloton portal. The move aims to tap into TikTok's massive Gen Z audience, fostering Peloton's growth beyond its fitness equipment ecosystem. The collaboration focuses on Peloton's new brand positioning of "Anyone. Anytime. Anywhere." and seeks to engage TikTok's community through a #TikTokFitness hashtag, offering accessible classes without the need for Peloton equipment.