Digital Story of The Week

A Cisco survey reveals that 57% of UK consumers consider digital applications and services crucial for a joyful holiday season. With global application usage expected to rise, brands are urged to ensure optimal digital service performance to avoid dampening festive spirits. The report highlights that poor digital experiences may threaten household harmony, with 20% fearing ‘Grinch-like’ behaviour if frustrated. Consumers express zero tolerance for subpar digital experiences during the holidays, emphasising the importance of seamless application operation for brands to meet expectations and enhance the festive season.

Social Media Marketing Story of The Week

Instagram Reels outshines TikTok and Facebook for branded video content, reveals Emplifi's research. Longer Reels, exceeding 90 seconds, gained double the median views compared to TikTok. Instagram Reels also surpass the platform's Stories feature, boasting six times the reach. Despite this, advertisers posted five times as many Stories as Reels in 2023. Emplifi suggests a shift in advertiser behaviour, emphasising the untapped potential for brands willing to integrate Reels into their social media campaigns, as longer videos gain positive audience responses.

Ai Story of the Week

Gartner predicts 20% of brands will embrace an "acoustic" approach, shunning AI by 2027 as a differentiator amid rising concerns about generative AI's impact. The report forecasts that, by 2026, 80% of top creative roles will prioritise generative AI, influencing innovation in products and services. However, a potential 50% or more decrease in organic search traffic by 2028, coupled with authenticity concerns, may prompt 20% of brands to opt for an AI-free stance. Gartner advises marketers to invest in AI guardrails and explore diversification beyond SEO.

Campaign Story of the Week

Cadbury's innovative multichannel Christmas campaign, featuring interactive posters, TV ads, and experiential retail, led to a 5.3% sales increase, generating over £230 million in revenue. Facing challenges like price increases and post-pandemic demand shifts, Cadbury revamped its 'Secret Santa Postal Service' concept. With 280 interactive posters and a TV ad named most effective by Kantar, the campaign garnered 1.4 million online hub visitors, achieving a 96% retail sell-through and contributing to Cadbury's largest market share growth in three years.