Social Media Story of the Week

Meta, sheds light on enhancing engagement on Threads as its usage recently surges. During a CreatorIQ Connect conference, Meta's marketing director, Jacki Pimentel, emphasised the importance of conversation starters for users optimal engagement. While emotional triggers often drive social media interaction, Meta is aiming to steer Threads towards positive engagement, tweaking algorithms to prioritise comments + likes over simple reposts. Threads also leverages Instagram engagement signals, and as it evolves, it aims for individualised user feeds driven by Threads-specific interests.

VOD Story of the Week

ITVX marks its one-year anniversary with over 2.7 billion streams and 40 million users. Notable achievements include increased streaming across genres, with Love Island and Rugby World Cup leading the way. The platform earned awards and expanded with new features like a British Sign Language FAST channel and ITVX Kids. Exclusive hits like The Twelve and strategic plans for 2024 including a pause ad format, short-form advertising, new distribution partners, and regionalised news, aim to continue ITVX's successful VOD trajectory into the new year.

Brand Sustainability Story of the Week

Mars launches "Healthy Planet Productions," a unique campaign recycling old M&Ms and Twix ads to promote net-zero progress. The effort, spanning the U.S., U.K., and Mexico on Meta platforms and YouTube, employs voiceovers and 2D animation to reduce emissions. Informed by a September Net Zero Roadmap, the campaign aligns with consumer demand for climate action, addressing the company's sustainability initiatives.

AR Story of the Week

Verizon and Disney collaborate on an AR experience, "Wish on a StAR," ahead of the animated film "Wish." The AR initiative, available for limited time through Dec. 1, allows users to scan the night sky with their phones, revealing stars representing children's wishes. Clicking a star enables users to donate to Toys for Tots. The campaign, demonstrating the positive use of AR for community engagement, aligns with the holiday season's spirit of giving. Verizon's tie-in promotions, including advance movie screening tickets, further amplify the community-focused approach.