Ad effectiveness Story of the Week

A study by ITV and System1 reveals that incorporating environmental messages into ads doesn't affect effectiveness. The Greenprint study, analysing 1,000 UK TV ads, finds only 8% featured environmental messages, despite high public concern about climate change. Waste reduction, though common (22%), ranks low in carbon emission impact. The report suggests ads should focus on easy, proactive measures with an uplifting tone, featuring real people or recognisable characters for the most effective environmental brand messaging.

TV Story of the Week

UKTV is rebranding with a new masterbrand, "U," aiming to unify its streaming and linear services. Set to launch next summer, the transition will see UKTV Play become U, and its free-to-air channels adopting U&Dave, U&Drama, U&Yesterday, and U&W. CMO Penny Brough emphasises the need for a cohesive masterbrand to enhance viewer awareness and facilitate movement across channels and video-on-demand, making UKTV digitally focused and "fit for the future." The change reflects a strategic move to strengthen brand connections.

Digital Marketing Story of the Week

Marketers plan to boost video investments in 2024, with short-form platforms like TikTok and YouTube leading the way, according to a WARC report. TikTok and YouTube are expected to see increased spending by 55% and 56% of respondents, respectively, while Meta-owned Facebook lags at 3%. Confidence in the metaverse is shrinking, dropping from 47% to 11%. Measurement challenges persist, with 39% of marketers expressing concern, and only 4% utilising all available measurement methods. Despite economic worries, 61% of marketers anticipate improved business in 2024.