TV Story of the Week

Giffgaff, the O2-owned mobile network, partners with ITV for the revival of Big Brother, which returned on 8th October. The campaign featured reactive TV spots, aligning with the show's activities, and promote products in 20-second ads. Giffgaff will also engage viewers on X (formerly Twitter) for discussions and a chance to win eviction night tickets. This marks the first use of reactive TV ads for the property. The campaign, developed by ITV Creative, Neverland, and Manning Gottlieb OMD, emphasises Giffgaff's commitment to innovation and community. The partnership spans the show's six-week duration.

VOD Story of the Week

YouTube reintroduces 30-second unskippable ads in the UK, responding to advertiser demand and user preferences for longer content on connected TVs. These ads will be exclusive to YouTube Select's top 5% curated content. Erica Probst, head of sales at YouTube UK, highlights the 30-second format's value as a primary storytelling tool. This move aligns with the evolving definition of television in the audio-visual market, with 74% considering YouTube part of their TV experience.

Campaign Story of the Week

Uber Eats teams up with Disney+ for "The Wrexham tastecourse," celebrating the return of "Welcome to Wrexham," a series about Hollywood actors' ownership of a local football team. Available on Uber Eats, the free tasting menu combines Welsh and Hollywood flavors, featuring dishes like Leek Cleanse, Glamorgan Glam-Dog, and Rarebit Chessecake. The promotion spans London, Manchester, Bristol, and Wrexham. Man v Food's Adam Richman tests the menu in a film created by agency Mother. The campaign embraces a unique cultural fusion for viewers of Disney+ and the series.