Brand Growth Story of The Week

Kellogg Company has divided into two entities, WK Kellogg Co and Kellanova, after separating its US cereal business from global snacking operations. The split introduces a new brand architecture, distinguishing between heritage and forward-facing approaches. Kellanova will oversee renowned brands like Pringles, Pop-Tarts, and Nutri-Grain, along with international cereals. Meanwhile, WK Kellogg Co will handle US, Canadian, and Caribbean operations, including Frosted Flakes, Special K, and others. Both entities will share the Kellogg's branding, signifying a fresh era for the company. Kellanova, with significantly higher equity, anticipates annual net sales of £10.28 billion.


Brand Experiential Story of The Week

Pinterest debuts its inaugural consumer pop-up, "Possibility Place," in London's Covent Garden, bringing the digital Pinterest experience to life. The event features a corner shop, beauty bar, DIY store, and tattoo parlour, offering visitors the latest in beauty trends, recipes, and home DIY workshops. The pop-up is part of Pinterest's "It's possible" campaign, emphasising the platform's transformative influence from inspiration to action. The campaign includes videos showcasing real-world applications of Pinterest ideas. The experience aims to demonstrate how users can turn their Pinterest inspirations into tangible outcomes. The campaign will soon expand across various media channels in the US and UK.

Gaming Technology Story of The Week

Brands are revolutionising experiential design by incorporating gaming technology, such as Unreal Engine, to create immersive brand spaces. This shift from 2D to real-time 3D visualisation enhances collaboration, allowing for instant adjustments in materials, lighting, and more. It eliminates redundant tasks, streamlining the design process. The technology has been employed successfully, as seen in MLB's Trafalgar Square event, where a game was created using Unreal, seamlessly blending physical and digital elements. This innovation democratises design, enabling broader participation and ultimately leading to higher-quality brand experiences.