CTV Story of the Week 

A whopping 63% of British adults are open to watching ads for free streaming, says research by The Trade Desk. With 83% of UK consumers tuning in to streaming for up to two hours daily, connected TV is soaring. Flexibility and content variety are big hits, with 74% valuing on-demand CTV and 61% loving the diverse content. Yet, viewers are picky, with 68% wanting fewer and 56% favouring shorter ads. Cost concerns lead 48% to drop streaming services, but this trend opens doors for advertisers. Amazon Prime's ad-free tier joins the club, with Apple TV+ as the lone holdout.

Campaign Story of the Week 

Oatly, known for challenging the dairy industry, urges climate labelling on dairy products, offering free ad space for disclosures. Displaying its own footprint, Oatly beckons big dairy to follow suit. The brand hosts a Reddit AMA on the subject, inviting a dairy exec. Oatly advocates for mandatory climate labels and lobbies the UK government, drawing from its experience in Germany. Michael Lee, Oatly's creative director, emphasises the need for open dialogue. Stay tuned for the industry's response.

Marketing Diversity Story of the Week 

E45 clinches Channel 4's Diversity in Advertising award, aimed at authentic LGBTQIA+ representation. The skincare brand vows to use the prize to foster lasting positive change in public perceptions. Their campaign, created with The&Partnership, will receive £1m in Channel 4 ad space and £100,000 in social media exposure. This year's competition boasted the strongest entries in its seven-year history, challenging brands to genuinely represent LGBTQIA+ communities. Judges, including industry leaders and LGBTQIA+ representatives, were impressed by the submissions, with E45 and The&Partnership emerging as winners.

Social Media Story of the Week

Snapchat unveils Creator Collab Campaigns, streamlining brand partnerships with creators. The move aims to counter a 4% YoY revenue dip for parent company Snap. The suite addresses creator relationship management and provides enhanced metrics. User engagement in creator Stories doubled YoY, with 397 million daily active users. Snapchat plans user, creator, and business content promotion, plus tools for organic creator content. This underscores creators' significance for advertisers. Snapchat also debuts the immersive series Phantom House, featuring brands like Disney+ and Maybelline.