Gaming Story of the Week

Netflix is hoping to expand Video Games within their streaming roster as part of its proposition to stay relevant with audiences in years to come and is slowly ramping up plans to offer more gaming experiences to subscribers. Since November 2021, mobile games have been available to play on the App, but this development has passed many users by. In the future, we can expect Netflix to leverage its intellectual property even more, connecting shows, movies and games.


Press Story of the Week

Press Gazette have released their quarterly ranking of the most popular news apps in the UK, using data from Ipsos iris. The Apple News app was the most popular in July, pulling ahead of BBC News which appeared in second place. The two top apps continue to be the only news apps used by more than a quarter of the UK population over the age of 15. Sky News maintained its third place position with 3.1 million users, followed by The Guardian which overtook ‘Upday’.


Radio Story of the Week

Greatest Hits Radio is launching new local services for Kent and Northern Ireland. The national version of the station is currently available on DAB, however from 4th September it will launch localised versions with local news bulletins and travel. Both areas will continue to take national programmes, including Debbie Mac’s afternoon programme. Bauer operates Cool FM and Downtown in Northern Ireland but currently doesn’t own any analogue stations in Kent.


Digital Story of the Week

Rishi Sunak’s global summit on the safety of artificial intelligence this autumn will be hosted at Bletchley Park, the home of top-secret codebreakers during the second world war. The first major gathering on technology will bring together governments, leading AI firms and experts to discuss how its risks can be mitigated through internationally coordinated action. Safety concerns are mounting after breakthroughs in generative AI, which can produce convincing text, images and even voice on command. Tech executives such as Elon Musk among those expressing alarm.