Digital Marketing Story of the Week

The use of augmented reality (AR) ads delivered through smartphone technology is on the rise, with Niantic leading the way. Brands are increasingly incorporating AR into their marketing strategies to capitalise on consumer interest and improve brand awareness. A study by Meta's Foresight Group found that campaigns combining traditional ads with AR ads delivered almost triple the brand lift. Niantic recently launched rewarded AR ads, allowing players to engage with branded experiences in games like Pokémon Go, resulting in deeper consumer engagement and cost-effectiveness for brands.


Social Media Story of the Week

Elon Must-owned X, formerly Twitter, is planning to roll out a new way to display news links without any headline or description. The social network will display just the link and the header image in a post, according to a report by Fortune. Musk confirmed the move in a post on Monday and said it was coming ‘directly’ from him. The change would ‘greatly improve the aesthetics’ he said. The update reportedly aims to reduce the height of a post to fit more onto one screen.


Industry Story of the Week

Only 4% of people appearing in global ads are over the age of 60, according to a study from creative data platform CreativeX. While just a single digit percentage of over 60s appeared in ads, that age group accounts for nearly a quarter of the UK population. The study also found that only 3% of digital media buys were being allocated to ads featuring older adults.