Industry story of the week

The focus on helping Ukraine regain its media market strength is led by the Ukrainian-British agency consortium Razom Group. Britain is aiding Ukraine’s media marketing strategists meet their needs and open opportunities through supporting their manifesto curated by Ukrainian Adland. The manifesto lists seven actions for media businesses: raise awareness about the war, support humanitarian initiatives, create viral creative, do business with Ukrainian companies, employ Ukrainian talent, and stop business with Russia. Their receiving of overwhelming global support demonstrates the powerful nature of modern marketing today.


Brand story of the week

Abercrombie & Fitch face difficult transformation challenges in attempt to turn their brand around and resubmerge onto the competitor’s market. People have fallen out of love with A&F’s 00s, preppy fashion and dimly lit stores. Known for its topless male marketing, the company faced scrutiny on the documentary shown on Netflix, highlighting their numerous scandals and changing consumer behaviour. The brand failed to change with its consumers, demonstrated in their fall within the retail industry. In hopes of making a progressive come back, Beth Bentley, exec brand strategy consultant says, ‘There are no more skeletons, and there can be no more closets’.


Work Culture story of the week

In a graph published by Linkedln, Media and Technology ranks as the largest share of remote jobs. Data released by Linkedln this week shows how different industries are making the online digital transfer, meaning the likelihood of more and more businesses, in turn, will eventually need to offer remote roles to recruit the best talent. Surprisingly, even sectors such as real estate and education are getting involved in the rise of remote work options.


Digital story of the week

Meta is taking its next steps to make avatars more engaging through implementing its 3D avatar reactions as an option within Instagram Stories. Their customisable characters were created to allow users a more prominent extension of their personality and presence within the Metaverse. Bringing with it more corporate-sponsorship opportunities; similar to how Snapchat collaborate with Nike and Adidas with clothing accessorise, the growth in brand exposure is expected to continue rising dramatically.


Social media story of the week

TikTok has announced their integration with WooComerce. The platform’s progressive move allows WooCommerce merchants to sync their store catalog with their TikTok profile, activate TikTok pixel tracking, create TikTok ads and launch them, all from the WooCommerce dashboard. Which will in turn, boost the display of product offerings throughout the app, increase brand opportunities and enhance consumer activity.