Social Media Story of the Week

The Drum's deep dive into 'The New Customer Experience Economy' details optimisations made by top social media platforms to enhance user experience in 2022. Twitter's altered content strategy includes new subcommunities, longer-format and video-first posts. Instagram has announced user-requested updates, including a chronological news feed and customisable story link stickers. Meanwhile, TikTok has increased its video length to 10 minutes up from 3.


Campaign Story of the Week

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan launches 'Have a word with yourself, then your mates' ad campaign to tackle violence against women. Created by Ogilvy UK, the project includes a video posted to the Mayor of London's YouTube channel and a partnership with Crystal Palace Football Club. The film shows a man out with friends harassing a woman, as the behaviour becomes increasingly threatening, one of his friends is confronted by his subconscious urging him to speak out. The film was played ahead of Crystal Palace's game against Manchester City on Monday.


Industry Story of the Week

The Advertising Association has published its UK Advertising Exports Report 2022. The report reveals international trade in UK advertising and research services was worth £11.7bn in 2020, sustaining the same level as pre-pandemic conditions in 2019. The US remains the largest recipient of UK exports, followed by Spain and Germany.


TV Story of the Week

ITV has announced they will be following Sky, introducing QR codes to provide 'shoppable' TV ads. The new service is called QR ads and allows generation, implementation and tracking on both linear and ITV Hub ads. Currently in its beta phase, the format has been used by the likes of Iceland, Ancestry and Pandora.


Radio Story of the Week

Radio Centre have been helping to coordinate the latest appeal from the DEC across commercial radio and audio to support the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. They have encouraged all stations to support the appeal and play the spot as often as possible over the last two weeks. Spots were distributed via Audiotrack.