Campaign Story of the Week

In a splashy London Underground campaign, Coca-Cola's Innocent Drinks shattered its data collection goals by amassing over 25,000 consumer profiles via QR code scans—a staggering 5,000% above expectations. March's digital billboard initiative, rich with earthy visuals, aimed to spotlight the brand's commitment to sustainability. The campaign not only engaged commuters with a 65% interaction rate but also pushed the boundaries of mobile marketing effectiveness amid evolving data privacy landscapes.

Social Media Story of the Week

Instagram Outshines TikTok, capturing a whopping 75% of Marketers' budgets for video user acquisition, Zoomd survey shows. Amid TikTok's looming regulatory shadows, savvy marketers are swarming to Instagram, charmed by its stable Meta ownership and slick ad solutions. This platform duel shows Instagram not just surviving but thriving, even as marketers juggle their engagements across both social giants.

Ad Controversy Story of the Week

Apple’s latest iPad Pro ad, showcasing art objects like a piano and a sculpture getting crushed under a press to highlight the tablet’s slimness, has smashed into controversy instead of success. Despite attempting to display the device's all-encompassing media capabilities, the ad, shared by CEO Tim Cook, faced a wave of criticism on X (formerly Twitter) for its perceived hostility towards art. Amid generative AI concerns and a tough quarter for sales, Apple's creative gamble has not paid off, turning a promotional push into a public relations snag.