Brand Strategy Story of the Week

Unilever's Lynx brand launches a new fragrance range aimed at Gen Z, challenging outdated perceptions with affordable, premium scents. With 74% of UK males feeling underserved in fine fragrances, Lynx introduces Black Vanilla. Aimed at democratising luxury scents, Lynx's campaign involves blind tests where its £5 offering outperformed a £294 Tom Ford scent. The £15m campaign, involving unbranded interactive billboards and a focus on Gen Z digital platforms like TikTok and Twitch, aims to redefine Lynx's appeal. This move follows Unilever's decision to spin off its ice cream business as part of a cost-saving strategy.

Ad Clash Story of the Week

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) banned an Aldi Christmas ad for misleading price comparisons with Sainsbury's, following complaints. The ad claimed Aldi offered the UK's cheapest Christmas dinner based on a Which? review, a claim disputed for lack of evidence and misleading comparisons. The ASA's ruling highlighted discrepancies in product comparisons and insufficient verification details. This incident is part of a broader trend of escalating disputes among UK supermarkets over advertising claims.

Leadership Overhaul Story of the Week

Starbucks eliminates its global CMO role, promoting Brady Brewer to CEO of its international business as part of its global expansion strategy, dubbed the 'Triple Shot with Two Pumps Reinvention plan'. The coffee giant aims to open three-quarters of new stores outside the US, shifting to regional CEOs with marketing support. This move follows a trend seen in other major companies. Starbucks also introduces Lyne Castonguay as EVP, chief merchant, and product officer, marking a significant organisational realignment.