Campaign Story of the Week

McDonald's has cleverly utilised a billboard, extending beyond its frame, to emphasise value for its Saver Menu in a cheeky campaign by Leo Burnett. The poster, part of the eight-year-old "Like getting your money's worth?" platform, showcases a spilled-over image of a Double Cheeseburger Saver Meal Deal, highlighting the brand's maximised use of the media site. The creative strategy aims to resonate with consumers by celebrating the joy of great deals in a light-hearted and culturally relevant way.

TV Story of the Week

ITV's strategic investment in audience insight and data segmentation played a pivotal role in attracting 2 million new viewers to its streaming service, ITVX. Leveraging YouGov's panel and InfoSum's technology, ITV successfully identified a target market of 23 million individuals, labelled as 'mainstreamers.' Integration into ITV's customer data platform, Flex, accelerated audience activation and improved premium subscription predictions by 69%. Show-specific messaging resulted in doubled conversion rates for ITVX push notifications and email campaigns, contributing to ITV's Marketing Week Award for Data-Driven Marketing in 2023.

Social Media Story of the Week

X is strengthening ties with Shopify to attract more merchants for in-app advertising and product promotion. The expanded partnership offers enhanced product amplification options, a streamlined catalogue update process, and increased avenues to optimise ad activity. Meanwhile, TikTok introduces Chromecast integration, signalling a potential shift in viewing habits. With this feature, users can now watch TikTok videos on TV, aiming to broaden the app's viewing experience and appeal to a wider audience.