For the past two weeks, we have been immersed in a top-secret project as the UK's key partner in a global scavenger hunt for the one and only Taylor Swift (HUGE shout out to our brilliant Kat schubert & Richard!). This extraordinary experience has been nothing short of mind-blowing for our agency. Collaborating with an artist who not only brings people together through her music, but also rallies her fans to work in unison to crack the code hidden within QR codes scattered across the globe, has been truly awe-inspiring.


The anticipation and excitement that kicked off in Chicago only escalated as the hunt unfolded in London and other markets, all leading up to the grand reveal of #TTPD #TorturedpoetsDepartment on the 19th. Each site, meticulously approved by Taylor Swift herself, including our very own banner site at The Truman Brewery, sparked intense curiosity and speculation among her dedicated followers.


A massive thank you to our incredible partners in the States for orchestrating this monumental task with unprecedented speed, to Blow up Media for ensuring the sites went live precisely when they needed to, and to Kinetic for flawlessly executing every detail. Witnessing this remarkable project come to life has been an unforgettable journey, showcasing how one remarkably talented individual can not only inspire but unite like no other thank you @taylorswift13 for this unforgettable experience