Capitalising on the hype around a huge show.


To drive awareness of Peaky Blinder beers and spirits through the popularity of the Peaky Blinders show, and position these drinks as must have products for Peaky Blinders' fans, by taking advantage of the programme's heritage and provenance.


We looked at why fans love the programme and discovered that provenance was key. Therefore we sponsored Birmingham City Football Club to associate with one of our audience's passions and to provide high visibility on match days.  Digital OOH used different creatives to tell a story with messages such as ‘You Played a Blinder’ or ‘Support Your Local’ depending on the game's outcome.  These messages were  maximised on match days around the local area to provide high visibility and extend reach.


We gained a huge amount of PR across the Midlands by successfully aligning Peaky Blinder beers and spirits to the Peaky Blinders programme but without direct association. This led to a large sales increase in the Birmingham area and a healthy uplift nationally.