Disrupting the rum category.


To promote Dead Man's Fingers' new flavour, the first rum infused with hemp, by disrupting the rum category and creating a real buzz around it. We also needed to generate a high level of brand awareness and drive attention of the brand to both consumers and the trade.


Credible, authentic content is key for the DMF audience so we needed to provide the fuel to spark and propel conversation. An exclusive Hemp House Party was used as a story anchor with all activity directed towards it. We worked with credible partners and enlisted influencers who reflected the target audience's passion points. Legal fly posting and mural style OOH was used in hotspot areas across the country to be part of the community landscape.


The huge buzz around the party and its very exclusive guest list helped create content that was used across all DMF platforms. DMF did things very differently from the rest of the category and amplified all the event content with paid for media to reach an even wider audience. Awareness levels and engagement rates surpassed all expectations and smashed the campaign targets.