Kira’s first month at The Village

Hey there

I’m Kira and I am lucky enough become a new member at The Village Communications.  Prior to being at The Village, I spent a few years working in the ad-tech industry, but for a long time I’d wanted to move agency side and I couldn’t dream of a better team to become a part of.

Starting a new job in a global pandemic is a very strange experience.  I consider myself extremely lucky to have met many members of the team before the dreaded Covid-19 hit, but nevertheless it remains a very surreal time.  I don’t think I realised the ease of being able to swing your chair and ask someone how to do something; or being able to look over a shoulder to see how a task is being done. It’s just so easy to nag and bother someone when you’re sat opposite them isn’t it?!  With that being said, I can’t stress enough how much support I’ve had from the team to get me up to speed and ensure I feel at home.

On my first day there was a weekly team catch up and within that half an hour I’d made my mind up that this was a team I wanted to work for; it’s very clear to me that The Village are the definition of ‘work hard play hard’ and there’s a sense of genuine care and respect (and madness) between all the team that I believe to be the reason behind their success.

I’ve been a Digital Account Manager at The Village for just over a month now and I’ve already learnt so much.  I’ve had a little taste of creating media plans and presenting ideas to our wonderful clients and it makes me very excited for the year ahead.  I look forward to working more closely with the Halewood account and seeing all the team strategies and efforts become a reality!

Despite current circumstances, I can’t wait to see what 2021 has in store!