Last Wednesday, our client Halewood invited the trade and friends down to their very own House of Halewood event to showcase their upcoming NPDs across their portfolio including brands like Whitley Neill Gin, JJ Whitley Vodka, Dead Man’s Fingers Rum, Crabbie’s, Aber Falls & Vestal Vodka.

Whilst the invite clearly stated the location, when we were making our way to the event at King’s Cross, I don’t think we’d anticipated just how lovely the location would be. Halewood could not have picked a more beautiful scene with Camley Street Nature Park (who knew there could be such thing in central London!). Keeping on brand for Halewood, who’s spirits are known for using all kinds of botanical in their distilling process – famously Berkshire Gin which is distilled at Yattendon Estate – the event perfectly represented the brand, and we were extremely proud to be there as their media agency.

Hello’s and hugs out of the way, we got the chance to try Dead Man’s Fingers new RTDs, Whitley Neill’s new 0% alcohol Gin and delicious cocktail creations featuring new variants which will be released later in the year. Of course, all spirits could be enjoyed neat as well to fully taste the delicious flavours. There was no hesitation from Dan, Strategy and New Business, when he was offered a taster of Aber Falls Whisky. We only wish his review of “very smooth that” was overheard by Halewood’s Master Blender, Kirstie McCallum. Nevertheless, it came as no surprise that all the liquid was pure perfection.

For those seeking a different sort of refreshment, Halewood provided sorbets enhanced with their flavoured spirits which, after the freshly cooked pizzas also available, went down an absolute treat.

The House of Halewood was the perfect summer evening, and if there’s anything to take away from this little post – besides rubbing it in that we have lovely clients who throw even lovelier mid-week events - it’s that Halewood has lots of exciting things launching and in the making! Need a new favourite tinnie for the park? Keep your eyes out!