Creating the first 360° campaign with ELLE magazine.


To make Cointreau fashionable once again by changing perceptions of Cointreau amongst younger, stylish, female drinkers. We wanted to recruit new drinkers across the year with a fully integrated approach that would enable us to create content, run sampling at events and grow our social presence.


Fashion has the power to transform a brand’s image and is an integral part of our target audience’s lives. However, if you want to play in this arena you need to be credible so we teamed up with up-and-coming designer Simone Rocha and gained instant credibility. This allowed us to create the first 360° campaign with ELLE magazine.


Simone acted as Cointreau's brand ambassador by designing a limited-edition bottle, creating an event, blogs, social posts and sponsorship at her shows. This enabled us to create content across the year and build frequency of message. All KPI metrics were exceeded as Cointreau experienced a 20% increase in sales. 285,000 new Cointreau drinkers were recruited with 78% of these new customers agreeing that the ‘brand is stylish'.