TV Story of the week

ITVX has released a campaign to promote the streaming platform following its launch last December. The new campaign celebrates its diverse content within the 30-second spot, produced by ITV Creative, showcases various shows and films on the platform, incorporating the "X" logo creatively. The ad features popular titles like Jane the Virgin, Reign of Assassins, Parks and Recreation, and Cowboy Bebop. It is set to run across ITV channels with additional support from OOH and print ads. The campaign highlights ITVX's success, with a 29% YoY increase in monthly active users and a 33% rise in streaming hours.

Brand Partnership Story of the week

For London Fashion Week, Bond Street Tube station is temporarily rebranded as "Burberry Street," courtesy of a collaboration between Burberry and Transport for London. The station's signage and platforms now sport Burberry's signature "knight blue." While some praise the move, others find it confusing for infrequent tube users. The campaign, including a makeover of greasy spoon Norman's, running until September 19. This bold branding tactic followed previous temporary renaming’s, contributing to TfL's increased commercial ad revenue in the 2021-22 financial year.

Campaign Story of the Week

Sky Broadband partnered with Guild Esports for an innovative marketing campaign, "Sky Broadband sweat room." This activation featured a livestreamed gaming tournament inside a heated chamber, with temperatures rising based on audience response. Glasgow-based gamer Suleyman emerged as the winner, earning a spot in Guild Esports' professional team. The campaign playfully tackles gaming culture's "sweaty gamer" stereotype while highlighting Sky's Full Fibre broadband. This initiative showcases the UK marketing industry's creative and immersive approach to engaging audiences.