Whitley Neill Taking Over London City Centre

We’re very proud of our recent work with Whitley Neill, promoting their wide range of flavours through premium, impactful and eye-catching formats. We centred our activity around special occasions, as Whitley Neill is a treat! Not only for yourself, but also one for Mum, Dad, or a friend. So far, we have run activity around Mother’s Day, Easter Sunday, and most recently World Gin Day (Friday 8th June).

Check out our pictures to get a taste of the campaigns:


We have had some incredible partnerships with media owners as well so far, such as:

  • A creative partnership with Stylist Magazine, where they hired an illustrator to paint the different cocktail mixers using Whitley Neill gins


  • A brilliant idea Richard was keen to do, executed by Ubiquitous Taxis, to have 5 x 5 convoys of taxis drive around the centre of London for World Gin Day

If you haven’t had your Whitley Neill fix just yet, don’t fret! Our Father’s Day campaign is right around the corner, so be sure to look out for those bright, fun flavours. We also have Taxis in London promoting the Original, Rhubarb & Ginger, Blood Orange and Raspberry flavours – making it all that much easier to spot those empty cabs. You’re welcome!