Whitley Neill Gin’s Easter Burst

The Easter holidays are coming up & this means it is time for a new campaign for Whitley Neill Gin.

The Mother’s Day campaign has been a huge success and we are confident that Easter will be just as notable. A small taste of what is coming has been on display since last week. If you travelled to or from Bond Street Station, you might have noticed the beautiful Digiwall right by the escalators. The Digiwall shows off Whitley Neill’s different flavoured gins whilst simultaneously promoting the Whitley Neill Original Gin as well as Whitley Neill Gin’s heritage in gathering inspiration of flavours form far away travel.

Next to the Digiwall, Whitley Neill Gin is present all over the underground network & rail stations.

Another campaign highlight are the digital ribbons at Tottenham Court Road Underground Station to showcase the Whitley Neill Gin range. Ribbons are fairly new on the London Underground and have only recently been installed at a few selected stations. They allow for creativity to be delivered in full motion which enables brands to attract & engage consumers on a new scale. Recent research done by Exterion shows that full-motion displays are four times more engaging than static ones. It allows for the Whitley Neill Gin ads to travel with the customer alongside the escalators.

Our point of sales coverage involves the big supermarket chains in London & the South East. Strategically placed in front of the stores and on roadsides close by, they remind shoppers to be on the lookout for Whitley Neill’s Original Gin.