Weekly Scoop #5

Market Story of the Week

The global Whisky market is set to nearly double over the next decade. A recent report from Fact MR estimates total market growth of $108bn by 2031. The report also discovered Malt-based whiskies to be a key market driver with an estimated 6% compound annual growth rate. There is some suggestion this drive may come from the health benefits malt-whisky is perceived to have by consumers compared to other spirits.

Diversity Story of the Week

Unstereotype Alliance UK have marked their first anniversary by conducting research into the experience of women of colour. Unstereotype alliance was founded by UN Women back in 2017 and features a coalition of brands working together to break down harmful stereotypes. The study, interviewing, 2,000 women across the UK found that 72% of women of colour are likely to buy services from brands and companies that have people of ethnicity in their advertising in a positive way. Meanwhile, women with Middle Eastern and Black Caribbean heritage felt the most negatively represented in ads.

Campaign Story of the Week

British Gas has launched a multimedia advertising campaign intending to uncomplicate the jargon-filled world of sustainability. According to research conducted by the brand, sustainability is shrouded in public confusion, with 38% of Brits unsure how to begin their Carbon Neutral journey. Key terms that triggered confusion are ‘net zero’ or ‘carbon neutral’. The campaign, ‘This is what sustainability looks like’ focuses on educating the public on simple, sustainable actions that individuals can make every day.


Social Media Story of the Week

Twitter is trialling an anti-troll tool which automatically blocks abusive users. The new ‘safety mode’ will block accounts for seven days if it picks up on harmful language or the use of repetitive, uninvited replies and mentions. It comes as social media firms face continued pressure to protect users from online abuse, such as the targeting of black England footballers after the Euro 2020 final.


TV Story of the Week

Channel 4 signs up more than 60 brands for Black to Front channel takeover. The takeover is happening today, (10th of September) with the channel dedicating their entire ad space to ads featuring either a black lead or a majority black cast as part of its Black to Front project. The brands will run 70 separate campaigns across 55 linear ad breaks.