Weekly Scoop #4

OOH story of the Week

This week McDonald’s have creatively utilised OOH billboards on London’s South Bank. They are serving up McFlurry’s from a ‘walk-thru’ billboard which features a hatch open between 11am and 6:30pm until the 22nd August. The sign is part of the ongoing ‘Fancy a McDonald’s’ campaign. ‘McDonald’s has always been a generous brand and our ‘Fancy a McDonald’s?’ brand platform allows that thinking to come to life in less traditional, more unexpected ways,’ said Mark Elwood, executive creative director at Leo Burnett.


Diversity Story of the Week

System1 have released their ‘Feeling Seen’ report. The report seeks to help guide advertisers who want to diversify their ads but fear coming across as tokenistic, stereotypical or embarrassing. The guide focuses on making advertisements that are diverse, true to life and are commercially effective. Their research consisted of over 10,000 interviews across 6 different diverse groups, utilising general population data and System1’s database of over 50,000 ads.


Digital Story of the Week

Birmingham based marketing firm, MCG Digital Media, have launched a new platform to assist business growth using AI technology. The platform allows firms to produce AI-enabled landing pages and advertising campaigns that reportedly increase website visit and produce new digital enquiries. Gez McGuire, founder of MCG Digital Media, said: ‘Typically a standard PPC (pay per click) campaign will have a conversion rate of between 3.5 and 5% dependent on sector. Through artificial intelligence we can increase that to as much as 15% across most consumer-focused businesses.’


Radio Story of the Week

Radio Centre have released their report of the Top 20 advertisers spending on Radio in the UK. HM Government remains the top spender with 24% market share with Coronavirus related messaging. The Cabinet Office also features at number 11 with an increase of 167.4%. Key brands on the list include McDonalds, Tesco, Sky and Walt Disney.


Industry Great Story of the Week

Douglas Ankrah, the inventor of the Pornstar Martini has sadly passed away. The Ghanaian-born bar entrepreneur developed the cocktail at Townhouse in Knightsbridge, which he opened in 2002. The Pornstar Martini is a mix of vanilla vodka, fresh passionfruit, passionfruit liqueur, vanilla syrup and lime juice, plus a shot of Champagne on the side. The cocktail now features internationally on drinks lists and is among the most popular cocktails in the UK. His family announced his passing on Facebook thanking everyone for sending their thoughts and prayers.