Twitter Plan For 2016 photo 1


Last Thursday, Sarah and I attended Twitter’s #planfor2016 event. Besides the excitement of the GHDs in the bathroom, and the iPad controlled coffee machine the session was extremely interesting and insightful.

The session covered the 4 types of conversations had on Twitter that are key for advertisers to tap into. These are the ‘everyday’, such as talk of coffee and Monday morning blues; ‘Events’, from the Rugby World Cup to the Adele 25 album (there were over 250k #Adele25 tweets worldwide!); ‘Passions’, including fitness, music, cooking and gaming; and finally ‘intent’, 68% of UK Twitter users are likely to purchase from a brand they follow on Twitter.

Twitter Plan For 2016 photo 2

Advice was offered when tapping into these types of conversation such as find moments that let you make unexpected connections, plan for everyday as well as big events, and always use rich media.

They went on to reveal that Twitter is the fastest growing video platform. Views grew by 150x in the last 12 months, 90% of which were mobile, and there were 6x more retweets of tweets with video content vs images. The possibilities are endless to deliver impacts with no silver bullet for length or format; content can be raw, fun, informative, and/or memorizing to engage.

With the extensive list of events cropping up in 2016 to tap into, from the Oscars to the Olympics, we will be sure to bear in the mind the power of Twitter.

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