TalentWorks Training

Last Wednesday (5th September), Matt and I embarked on a training program with TalentWorks. Over the following 8 weeks we are going to be attending training every week, covering the ins and outs of all the media channels available to us whilst working within a media agency. I shall be formulating this weekly blog on our activities during this time.

This was my first session as part of the TalentWorks training program. This session acted as an introductory to the training program. We covered the basics of how an agency makes money, to how a media contract works and the processes involved behind it all. The session also included a brief overview of all the media channels. It introduced us to the channels we would be covering across the next 8 weeks, and quizzed us on our forefront knowledge on each channel using Kahoot (Kahoot is a quiz app, which added a nice competitive element to the day). The session highlighted which channels worked better in different situations, and gave us fundamental knowledge on how the advertising world works as a whole. This was all really useful stuff as it gave us grounding about the industry we were entering / have entered into.


We finished the day by going through a dummy brief, understanding how to read one and the key takeaways from that brief. It was a really useful task as it gave me a further understanding into what a brief looked like and how they worked. This task was to give us better knowledge of how a brief works and to prepare us for what was to come. At the end of the 8 weeks we will have to give a pitch on this brief. This will be everyone’s first pitch, although it will be a dummy pitch, the intensity and nerves no-doubt will still be felt. It will give us some great experience into the process of pitching for new clients.


For the next 8 weeks we are going to focus down into specific channel days. This week shall be a TV day at ITV.