Press Coming Out Fighting Photo


The subject ‘is press dead’ seems to be treated with a degree of inevitability these days, however we have seen bold new movements within the market that would suggest it’s number is far from up.

Much to my Pops dismay the Independent printed its last paper last month moving to an online only platform, whether this digitally oriented direction will generate the readership and advertising revenue it needs to remain on the market will have to be seen. However as the old man put it ‘It’s just not quite the same’ highlighting that it’s not just content that made press the institution it is, it offers something tangible and holds a position of authority and nostalgia for many. Whether the Independents soleus digital direction will hold the attention of older readers will be an interesting case study for print as it evolves in an ever increasing digital landscape.

By contrast Trinity Mirror’s breezy new mid-market title New Day is working to fill a gap in the market for a daily newspaper designed to ‘co-exist in this digitally focused world’. With no website and just 25 staff members it hope to be a profitable edition to the Mirror very soon. However the title is notably low on ad space, and you have to wonder is this model sustainable, how long till it makes the transition to cross platform publication like most on the market?

It’s certainly a trialing time for the press market and no doubt many will keep a keen eye on how the Independent’s new model fairs against its competitors. Digital’s upward trajectory shows no sign of slowing, the media landscape is certainly ripe for cohesion reaching different audiences as there media consumption habits develop with technology.

Personally I hope this doesn’t mark that start of a new trend of publications clamoring to adopt digital only models for fear of losing such an evocative arm of British media.