Maldon Salt®  x Absoulute Radio Fish & Chips Tour

Our client Maldon Salt®  is currently in a really exciting partnership with Absolute Radio. Presenters Bush and Richie will embark on a journey throughout Great Britain and its communities trying to find the best Chippy. The tour started yesterday in beautiful Edinburgh and will go around the country stopping at landmarks and local communities. The Fish & Chips shops were all nominated by Absolute Radio listeners who are keen to show off their local communities and their go-to chippy.

Of course, for a great Fish & Chips meal the proper seasoning is essential and who would be a better fit than British heritage brand Maldon Salt®  to find the best place to eat this iconic meal. Catch the Maldon Salt®  mobile truck from Edinburgh to Sunderland to Blackpool to Nottingham and last but not least the Canvey Island.  The winner of the The Hometime Chip Shop Tour with Maldon® Salt will be decided by the listeners and the best chippy awarded an ad created by Absolute Radio & a trophy designed by listeners.

We at the Village are very proud of this unique partnership and how well it is going so far driving communities together. The partnership has been featured by campaignlive provding some great insights into Maldon Salt®  as well as the multi-media campaign. If you want to connect on Social Media use the hashtag #hometimechiptour.

And after all, according to Absolute Radio & Maldon Salt®  ‘all great food starts with a pinch’ and we agree!


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The Hometime Chip Shop Tour