A Look Back at Veronica’s First Few Months at The Village

I can’t believe I’ve been at the Village for four months already, how time flies! Although I spent a summer studying in Germany before, it’s my first time in England.


It was really a big step for me to leave my family and friends from Hong Kong and fly to a completely unfamiliar territory to continue my career. I was working across all digital channels back in Hong Kong and specialised in mobile advertising in my last role, but as the media landscape and user behaviours are quite different in the UK, it took me some time to learn about the market and leading publishers, as well as their ad products in the UK.


It’s my pleasure to be a part of the Village, everyone here has made me feel very welcome from my first day of work that I often forget I’m 6000 miles away from home. Just as I heard in the Skype interview (yes, I had interviews over Skype in Hong Kong before flying to London!), the Village is like a warm family – everyone is so supportive of each other.


I could also see how crazy these guys could be (after a glass or two!) from our Christmas party in Windsor. Don’t get me wrong – to accompany the booze we also had a proper Christmas dinner and an interesting Murder Mystery game which was lots of fun. It was my first time having a traditional English Christmas dinner, and I’m keen to try other English food like Sunday roast and Toad in the Hole!


Although London and Hong Kong are quite similar in some cases (fast-paced, both have double-decker buses, left-hand drive, etc), I’ve had quite a culture shock in the past few months. I knew pub culture was very big in England, but I didn’t know was THAT big; the pubs are always busy from Monday to Sunday in London and going for a drink means purely drink – not drinking along with food. Brits don’t eat, do they? Also I still can’t get used to the absence of mobile coverage on the tube, however this, at the same time, encourages people to read books if you see it in a positive way. I like the idea of book sharing on the tube as well.


To sum up, I’m enjoying my life at the Village, and I’m keen to bring my knowledge and expertise obtained from previous roles to our clients.