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Instagram has opened up its platform to self-serve, meaning advertisers and brands can buy ads more readily which brings it in line with the likes of Facebook and Twitter

Now boasting over 400m monthly active users the visual based social network now eclipses Twitter in terms of size which has around 302m active users

The popularity of Instagram will no doubt see Facebook’s profits grow further as advertisers begin to jump on the bandwagon. Previously, buying ads was limited to certain brands like John Lewis but now with self-serve we are likely to see a huge influx of ads pouring into our Insta feeds

I’m hopeful that Instagram can keep its charm of beautiful creative rather than uninspiring artwork which, I believe, doesn’t have a place on the platform. It will also be interesting to see how users will react to a flood of new ads, but I’m sure they will become accustom to it in the long run and if the creative is brilliant then what’s not to love?

Fingers crossed we get to see more and more of the good stuff!

The good…

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The bad…

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